Paper -> Initial Remarks on Analyzing Acousmatic Music from the Perspective of Multi-agents, Array, Special Issue on Agency. 

Exhibition -> Silhouettes of İstanbul, at the collective exhibition titled Genetic Codes of Turkish Design, at İstanbul Airport International Lounge, with Refik Anadol, Nohlab, Under1 minute, Güvenç Özel, Melike Altınışık, Alper Derinbogaz, Arzu Kaprol, Pinar Akkurt, İrem Buğdaycı Atlas Harran, Abra Design, Faruk Malhan, Zehra Cobanli, Dice Kayek. Details are upcoming... Open until 06/2020

Press -> Exclaim!, a Canadian music magazine, covered my work in their recent article on A.I. for Music along with the works of Holly Herdon, Synth pop band YACHT, a sound startup Endel, as well as Algorave artists. 

Paper -> Our paper on the project Respire is out on Leonardo Music Journal! The cover of this issue is a photo of our work in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, presented during the Olympics 2016. The article is open-access, feel free to have a look!






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