...so much happening  📰 💥️ ︎ 
︎ New music album, the third and final edition of Plastic Biosphere ︎
📰 Upcoming journal paper titled A Shift In Artistic Practices through Artificial Intelligence.
📰 Upcoming journal paper titled On the importance of AI research beyond disciplines.
📰 Paper titled Caring Trouble and Musical AI: Considerations towards a Feminist Musical AI at AI Music Creativity 2023
📰 Paper titled Sound Design Strategies for Latent Audio Space Explorations Using Deep Learning Architectures at Sound and Music Computing 2023.

💥️ Short performance sketch performered for the Chalmers Day is out! -> ︎ + presented as a video installation in Ankara, Kapadokya, and Troy, in Türkiye; reaching to over 60000 in person audience in 2023.