ISEA 2015 – Distruption

Vancouver, CA 2016

ISEA is one of the world’s most prominent international arts and technology events, bringing together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in art, interactivity, and electronic and digital media. The event annually brings together artists, designers, academics, technologists, scientists, and general audience in the thousands.

ISEA2015 is a six-day symposium featuring over 450 speakers, workshops, tutorials, panels, papers and institutional presentations. It is showcasing a selection of over 160 cutting-edge digital artworks carefully selected by the international art and science community. ISEA2015’s theme of DISRUPTION invites a conversation about the aesthetics of change, renewal, and game-changing paradigms.


Ash Tanasiychuk: Post Production & Edit
Kıvanç Tatar: Sound Design
Philippe Pasquier: Artistic Direction
Kıvanç Tatar

Art Collectives
-> A.I.D (Istanbul)
-> Gold Saucer (Vancouver)

-> Foundation
+ upcoming...