Mirjana Prpa, Kıvanç Tatar, and Philippe Pasquier
->News: Respire heads Montreal for the CHI 2018 art exhibition at the the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018).

Respire is a Virtual Reality artwork incorporating an interactive music system. The system follows the changes in user’s breathing patterns upon which it generates changes in the audio and virtual environment. The piece is built upon mindfulness-based design principles with a focus on breath as a primary object of the user’s at-tention, and employs various approaches to augmentingbreathing in the virtual environment. Respire is built upon our previous work Pulse.Breath.Water.


-> Prpa M., Tatar K., Schiphorst T., & Pasquier P. (2018). Respire: A Breath Away from the Experience in Virtual Environment. CHI’18, April 21–26, 2018, Montreal, QC, Canada ACM 978-1-4503-5621-3/18/04.

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