UNDER 1 MINUTE - u1min


What would be the aesthetics of a collective artistic mind? Can we use artificial intelligence to create an artificial artist with a collective consciousness?

ACE OF MICE Performance (İstanbul, Turkey)

Under 1 Minute (U1M) is an audio-visual performance project that explores the notion of a collective artistic mind. The artificial intelligence character “The One” joins three human artists, Mehmet Ünal, Kıvanç Tatar, and Hakan Yılmaz. The AI in U1M learns from human artists to represent collective artistic aesthetics. The One utilizes AI algorithms including (but not limited to) Variational Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks for visuals, Recurrent Neural Networks for text, and Musical Agents based on Self-Organizing Maps for music and sound design. Powered with AI technologies, U1M takes the audience for an experiential journey of audio-visual performance through its unique narrative and aesthetics.

Kıvanç Tatar

Art Collectives
-> A.I.D (Istanbul)
-> Gold Saucer (Vancouver)

-> Foundation
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