@Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
presented at the Rio Olympics 2016

P.O.E.M.A = Pulse.Breath.Water + Contemporary Dance

I have been contacted by Regina Miranda, a choreographer from Brazil, in Winter 2016; to collaborate on an artwork to be presented at the cultural program of Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil. We created this artwork, P.O.E.M.A., that was exhibited for five weeks at Oi Futuro Gallery during the Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil.

P.O.E.M.A is a choreographic installation that fuses contemporary dance with Pulse.Breath.Water. Three dancers joined the project and  interacted with the virtual environment using a set of 200 choreographic cells, snippets of movements. These choreographic cells were the dancers’ vocabulary for reaction to the emerging behaviors initiated by the interaction between the user and the virtual environment. To expand the 2D projection of the virtual environment to the 3D space of the dancers, we utilized a white colored space with a light design inspired by the work of James Turrell. This light design blended the 2D projection of the virtual environment with the 3D space of dancers. The audio followed this approach of blending, and we expanded the stereo output of the sonic environment to quadrophonics by using spectral spatialization.

An excerpt of musical AI’s audio output:


-> Tatar, K., Prpa M., & Pasquier, P. (2019). Respire: A Virtual Reality Art Piece with a Musical Agent guided by Respiratory Interaction. Leonardo Music Journal Volume 29. https://doi.org/10.1162/lmj_a_01057
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This work has been supported by the Cultural Program for Rio Olympics 2016.
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