@Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

        presented at the Rio Olympics 2016

P.O.E.M.A = Pulse.Breath.Water + Contemporary Dance

I have been contacted by Regina Miranda, a choreographer from Brazil, in Winter 2016; to collaborate on an artwork to be presented at the cultural program of Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil. We created this artwork, P.O.E.M.A., that was exhibited for five weeks at Oi Futuro Gallery during the Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil.

P.O.E.M.A is a choreographic installation with contemporary dance performance, Virtual Reality (VR), embodied interaction (via respiration sensor), and musical artificial intelligence (with a reactive musical agent). The piece creates a space of unique experiences where the virtual world unifies with the AI generated sonic environment. The musical artificial intelligence listens to the breathing patterns of the VR user to generate the sound with affective properties. P.O.E.M.A. guides the VR user and the spectators in the gallery space to reconnect with an embodied experience, often lost in our interaction with new and nemerging technologies. Built upon mindfulness principles, this artwork focuses on breathing as a way of guiding the user’s attention through impermanence of virtual landscapes and audio environment. The changes in the VR environment are generated directly from changes in breathing patterns, as the user becomes aware of their breath and the agency they have in the environment.

An excerpt of musical AI’s audio output:


-> Tatar, K., Prpa M., & Pasquier, P. (2019). Respire: A Virtual Reality Art Piece with a Musical Agent guided by Respiratory Interaction. Leonardo Music Journal Volume 29. https://doi.org/10.1162/lmj_a_01057
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This work has been supported by the Cultural Program for Rio Olympics 2016.
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